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Funding your case.

     We currently provide free initial advice on all case types.

     In all cases the solicitor will work on a conditional fee                   agreement basis (CFA), which is also known as the  ‘no win,         no fee’ agreement.


     We also have to purchase After the event insurance.  This                   insurance covers any disbursements that need to be incurred             during the running of your case.  Some examples include                    obtaining a medical report on negligence, obtaining your medical        records, Barristers fees and court fees.  


     If your case is not successful the insurance would cover the                 cost of the disbursements. 


    The insurance is split into two part.  The smaller part is deducted        from your compensation at the end of your case and you will be          advised of the cost of the insurance as and when this in purchased      to fund your case.  No payment is required from you and                      the premium is deferred until the end of the case. The other part          is recovered from the defendants at the end of your case.  


     This means that if the case for compensation is unsuccessful, the       injured person will not have to pay the legal costs for the                     investigation.


     If the compensation claim is successful, then reasonable legal            costs and a portion of the legal insurance premium will be paid by        the Defendant in cases involving medical negligence.   

     The injured party will have to pay their solicitor’s ‘success fees’           from their compensation settlement and a small part of the                   insurance premium (to be advised when the insurance is taken           out).


     The success fee would be no more than 25% (plus VAT if                     applicable) from the fee awarded for general damages and other         financial losses.  

     In cases involving a Road Traffic Accident the insurance is paid           for by the client out of their compensation claim.  This is not

     recoverable from the Defendants.


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